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Re: Typesetting rules in physics

At 10:47 -0500 1998/11/18, Michael John Downes wrote:
>Does anyone have any idea how the convention developed that in
>mathematics changing R from normal weight to bold means also changing
>it from italic to upright? I hypothesize that bold italic fonts were
>simply less commonly available in compositors type cases in the era of
>lead typesetting, and the lack was resolved by the obvious
>substitution of bold upright.

This is the reason normally given: Bold italics usually was not available
in led typesetting. Each style was in effect a whole new font, and it was
expensive keeping many different fonts which was not used very much.

>To put it another way: Suppose you started using bold italic instead
>of bold upright for Latin letters in math. Would it look bizarre and

This is what people want to do, but which has not been possible due to
limitations in technology.

  Hans Aberg
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