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Re: MathML arrow fonts

>>>>> "HA" == Hans Aberg <haberg@matematik.su.se> writes:

 HA> At 12:38 -0800 1998/11/18, Paul Vojta wrote:
 >>> Have a look at chars 105/107. Are these the ones intended?
 >>> they are labeled "simrightarrow" and "simleftarrow".
 >>  Yes, but I would make the \sim part larger.  For example, if you
 >> took \simeq from the AMS fonts

 HA> This is also defined in PlainTeX.

 >> and put an arrow head on the right, then that would look more like
 >> what I would expect.

 HA> I agree with Paul on this: These labels on the shaft can be
 HA> larger. In TeX these labels are also put rather long away out
 HA> from the shaft; I think that putting the labels more away from
 HA> the shaft is allowable if it looks good in graphics, but it is
 HA> not necessary to go as far as TeX does it.

Is noted. This (and all other comments) will be fixed in the (for now)
final draft version of the arrow font, which should be available by
the weekend.