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Re: Binary Relations, draft 1

At 15:33 +0000 1998/11/19, Chris Rowley wrote:
>But an empicist approach, and Occam's razor, I think would then
>suggest to you that Bethold's extrapolation (which is not entirely
>empirical) is superior.

>> Sorry, I do not know about Bethold's extrapolation
>And I typoed his name, ouch!--- it is Berthold, but he tends to lurk
>on lists under his arcane nom de commerce: Y&Y, Inc.
>But he has many years, or even decades, of involvement in the production
>of technical documents so I would advise you to listen carefully to
>what he writes (except about font encodings:-).

But this does not explain why Berthold's extrapolation as philosophical
principle is any better than empiricism and Occam's razor: I mean, Occam's
razor says that fewer primitives in order to explain a phenomenon is better
than many.

I am interested to know the theoretical foundation of this new
philosophical principle you mention. :-)

  Hans Aberg
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