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About The LaTeX Font Catalogue

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The aim of The LaTeX Font Catalogue is to display all free fonts available for easy use with LaTeX, and how to use them. If you know of some fonts that should be included please contact me (see below).

The Catalogue includes fonts available with LaTeX and XǝLaTeX. OpenType fonts (only available with Xǝ(La)TeX or Lua(La)TeX) are marked with either [OTF only] or [OTF available] if both Type 1 and OpenType versions are available.

Only Latin fonts

As my knowledge on Greek, Cyrillic, and other alphabets is very little, I have only included fonts providing the Latin alphabet.

Symbol fonts are not included. I will refer to the The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List for information on symbols avaiable with LaTeX.


Almost all of the fonts displayed in this catalogue are available with the TeX Live distribution or with the ‘getnonfreefonts’ script. At least, that's how it was, when I started up the catalogue…

The LaTeX Font Catalogue is currently based on TeX Live 2021 installed on a PC with the Ubuntu operating system.

For fonts that are not part of your TeX installation, I will refer to TUG's pages about fonts and their installation;, and All of the fonts can be found at CTAN.

A version of The LaTeX Font Catalogue available for download can be found in FontCatalogue.tar.gz (file size ≈ 194 Mbyte).

Contact, copyright and license

The LaTeX Font Catalogue is copyright of and created and maintained by .
He can be contacted via e-mail at
Don't hesitate if you have suggestions for improvements and additional fonts.

The license of the LaTeX Font Catalogue is GNU General Public License.
The license of the fonts vary, but are all available at no cost. Note that the fonts not necessarily are free to distribute, and some fonts are available for non-commercial use only.

The text examples

The text

For mange Aar siden levede en Keiser, som holdt saa uhyre meget af smukke nye Klæder, at han gav alle sine Penge ud for ret at blive pyntet. Han brød sig ikke om sine Soldater, brød sig ei om Comedie eller om at kjøre i Skoven, uden alene for at vise sine nye Klæder.  Han havde en Kjole for hver Time paa Dagen, og ligesom man siger om en Konge, han er i Raadet, saa sagde man altid her:  »Keiseren er i Garderoben!« –

is the beginning of The Emperors New Clothes by in the original language (19th century Danish).

The reason for not choosing an English text is that with a danish text, it is easy to see whether or not the current font supports characters others than those used in the English language. In this text the letters æ and ø, and furthermore the special characters em-dash and guillemets which are not specific to danish.

Single line examples

Normally on font sites the single line phrase is The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog; in the LaTeX Font Catalogue I have chosen The quick brown fox jumps over the sleazy dog because two kinds of s's, the long s (ſ) and the normal (s), are needed to display some fonts properly.

This is best shown with an example:

Encoding of the fonts

The font examples are shown in the T1 encoding (Cork encoding) if available. If the T1 encoding is not available, the OT1 encoding is preferred. Some fonts however is shown other encodings.

The math example

The math example
     containin the math example]
is the from written in the integral form.

The example above is from the Utopia font.

The images

The SVG images

The SVG images are created using pdf2svg.

The PNG images

The PNG images are created from PDF files using pdftoppm from the Poppler bundle yielding ad PPM image which afterwards are cropped and converted into PNG using convert from ImageMagick.

All of the tools mentioned above are from the standard Ubuntu installation.

Fonts used in the catalogue pages

The fonts used in the pages of the catalogue are built-in fonts of the web browser. It is set to be Bitstream Vera Sans as the first choice, the default sans serif font of the browser as the second. View the css style sheet for further information.

A version of Bitstream Vera Sans is available for use with LaTeX with the Bera package.

The html pages

Of course the pages of The LaTeX Font Catalogue validate.

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