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TUGboat 21:1, March 2000

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Cover   c1 
Inside front cover   c2 
Blue Sky Research   c3 
Addresses   3 
News & Announcements
TUG2000—The 21st Annual Conference   4 
General Delivery
From the President 
  Mimi Jett 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
    Erratum: Address for CyrTeX mail;     History of TeX;      Computers & Typesetting remains in print;     A new printing museum near Boston;     Evolution of alphabets
Software & Tools
XyMTeX (Version 2.00) as implementation of the XyM notation and the XyM markup language 
  Shinsaku Fujita, Nobuya Tanaka 
The TUG CTAN site makes a move 
  Jim Hefferon 
Don Knuth finally sells out 
  David Farley 
TeX Live 5 and the TeX Catalogue 
  TUGboat Editors 
    The TeX Catalogue is now maintained on CTAN.
Graham Williams' TeX Catalogue   17-90 
The bag of tricks 
  Victor Eijkhout 
News & Announcements
Calendar   92 
Late-Breaking News
Production notes 
  Mimi Burbank 
Future issues   93 
TUG Business
Institutional members   94 
TUG membership application   95 
TeX consulting and production services   96 
Title page   97 
Editorial information   98 

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