TUGboat author information and macros

The TUGboat macros are included in all major TeX distributions, so most likely you don't have to do anything to install them. If you need or want the latest, it's available on CTAN: LaTeX TUGboat package, plain TeX TUGboat package. The documentation is also available there, which may be convenient.

Upcoming submission deadlines

Article template

This sample article template also includes a super-summary of some of the most commonly used features of the TUGboat style.

Quick tips for authors

General advice on content

Contact for submissions, questions, problems, bugs, …

Email TUGboat@tug.org.

When commenting on the proof of an article, please send email with the comments as regular text, rather than inserting annotations into the PDF, if at all possible. Thanks.

TUGboat macro packages

Both the plain and LaTeX TUGboat macros are included in TeX Live and MiKTeX, among other distributions, so you almost certainly have them installed already if you have TeX at all. But in case you want to check the latest versions (updates have been minor, so usually any version will do), or just peruse, they are on CTAN: LaTeX TUGboat package, plain TeX TUGboat package.

Also, a ConTeXt style for TUGboat is available from the source repository (s-tugboat.mkiv). We use the context-minimals distribution for processing ConTeXt papers.

Hyphenation exception list

TUGboat regularly publishes a hyphenation exception list for U.S. English. The full list is on CTAN in machine-readable form, along with accompanying information.

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