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Re: fontinst with 8y.etx

Sebastian Rahtz writes:
> I think the jury is still out on whether 8y or 8r is more
> `reliable'. Since, as I say, I have not met an encoding problem with
> 8r and PDF, I wait to be convinced

Have you viewed documents that aren't set in Computer Modern or Lucida
Bright on a Macintosh running a recent version of Acrobat reader? In
my experience, that's the recipe for seeing missing ligatures and
other transposed characters.

LY1 certainly isn't a (complete) solution to buggy Macintosh Acrobat
reader behaviour though. (See my message (sent to the pdftex and
tex-fonts lists) on triggering bugs in the Macintosh Acrobat reader
for details on to fix one of those bugs for LY1, 8r, or any other