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Re: fontinst with 8y.etx

At 03:22 PM 6/12/98 -0400, Hilmar Schlegel wrote:

>> > Also due to different checksums it is
>> > not straight forward to mix "raw" fonts from Y&Y and VFs made by
>> > fontinst.

>> You just turn off the encoding warnings in either case.  It is a pity

>That's certainly not the intention... 

>> though not to agree on a sensible checksum algorithm :-), like

>Fine would be *one* unique checksum in a scheme which *is* supported by
>the software dealing with the fonts ;-)

>> the mod 40 method to hide the font encoding.

>Also the family code is handy place.

NO.  The whole point of hiding information in the checksum
rather than elsewhere in the TFM file is that the checksum is
COPIED into the DVI file and hence accessible to the DVI driver!

And yes, AFMtoTFM *also* uses the header fields to record 
some information in human readable form so you can just read
a TFM file into a text editor and see what encoding was used.

But that is not nearly as useful.

Regards, Berthold.