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fontinst 1.8 thought

>Note that a new version of fontinst 1.8 is under preparation which
>will be based on Sebastian Rathz's unofficial fontinst 1.6/1.7
>(in CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools/finst).

Which reminds me...  With fontinst 1.6/1.7, you don't get the ui->it
substitutio by default.  I think this ought to be fixed in fontinst 1.8,
one way or another.

Three possible solutions spring to mind:

1) Just tell fontinst to install a ui version so the default substitution
is activated.

2) Tell fontinst to install a ui variant (if one exists; does fontname
allow this easily?), and if one doesn't exist, create an n-shape fount in
it encoding to fake ui.

3) Tell fontinst to intall a ui variant if one exists; if one doesn't, then
tell fontinst to fake an upright italic by slanting the it shape (if it
exists) and assume the user has dvips to ensure that the final output is
also slanted back on itself.

I think idea (1) is most sensible.