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Re: fontinst-1.8 release

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 >   - mathptm (based on Times, Symbol and ZapfChancery) should be backwards
 >     compatible to the original version including all the (mis)features
 >   - mathptmx (based on Times, Symbol and RSFS) includes a number of changes
 >     (hopefully improvements), but it is _not_ metrics-compatible to the
 >     originaly mathtptm, so it should be used with care.
 >   Both packages use different font names, but some of the family names and
 >   fd file names are the same, so it's not recommended to install

sadly, that means that the PSNFSS is going to have to stay with the
old one only. I cannot risk a deluge of complaints. Cannot mathptmx be
made entirely independent?