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Re: fontinst-1.8 release

>> Both packages use different font names, but some of the family
>> names and fd file names are the same, so it's not recommended to
>> install both

> sadly, that means that the PSNFSS is going to have to stay with the
> old one only. I cannot risk a deluge of complaints. Cannot mathptmx
> be  made entirely independent?

It could, if you have a good suggestion for a family name.  The
problem is that I was running out of meaningful names and that LaTeX
allows no more than 5 characters per family name to ensure that .fd
file names don't execeed 8 characters.  What else but "ptmcm" could 
we use for mathptmx?  I would have prefered a z-prefix (i.e. zptmcm 
or zcmptm) but that would make it too long, I'm afraid.  Appending 
an x-suffix might be misleading, since it's not an expert font.
Any ideas?

Cheers, Ulrik.