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Re: fontinst-1.8

> do you agree that this is now a run-time tree should look?
> Sebastian

run-time tree for what?  something like a tex-live setup?

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst

fontinst as a format?  possibly OK

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/fontdoc.sty
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/fontinst.ini
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/fontinst.sty
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/trig.sty
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/xfntinst.sty
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/etx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/etx/8r.etx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/etx/8y.etx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/mtx/8r.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/tex/mtx/8y.mtx

I'm not so happy about the tex/fontinst/tex part, I think that
tex/fontinst/base would make more sense, i.e. something like:


> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx

Not sure if the examples directories belong into a run-time tree.
They are just meant as a very specific application rather than
a general package, so I'd prefer to run fontinst directly from
these directories rather than keeping them in the installed tree,
where they might be picked up by other fontinst applications.

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont/eurofont.map

better put this elsewhere:


> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont/eurofont.tex

Hmm, a fontinst driver files in a run-time tree?  not sure?

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont/zpeub.afm
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont/zpeub.tfm

if fontinst can find the renamed *.afm files, then the *.tfm 
could just as well be generated by afm2tfm or by \installrawfont

Better install zpeu*.{afm,tfm} in fonts/{afm,tfm}/adobe/euro 

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/Makefile
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/fontptcm.tex
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/mathtest.tex
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/resetsy.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/unsetmu.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/zrhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/zrmhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/zrmkern.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/zrvhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm/zryhax.mtx

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/Makefile
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/fontptcmx.tex
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/mathptmx.sty

you wanted to take out the *.sty files, didn't you?

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/mathtestx.tex
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/resetsy.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/unsetmu.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/zrhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/zrmhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/zrmkernx.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/zrvhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/zryhax.mtx
> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx/zrykernx.mtx

As mentioned above the *.tex and *.mtx files are meant only for these
packages, not for general use, so I'd rather keep fontinst/mathptm* 
in texmf/source/fontinst/examples.  I'm also skeptical about keeping
*.pl files in texmf/tex/fontinst.  The best approach might be to use 
a Makefile to generate them with tftopl before running fontinst.

> ./texmf/tex/fontinst/base

empty directory?  better use this instead of tex/fontinst/tex.

> ./texmf/source
> ./texmf/source/fontinst
> ./texmf/source/fontinst/fontinst.dtx
> ./texmf/source/fontinst/fontinst.dvi
> ./texmf/source/fontinst/fontinst.ins

OK.  fontinst.dvi might go to texmf/doc/fontinst, if you rename it.

> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/CHANGES
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/contrib/rowland/fontinst.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/contrib/rowland/fontinst.tex
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/contrib/rowland/roadmap.eps

You could take out the contrib/rowland path and put these file
directly into texmf/doc/fontinst.

> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/8r.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/8y.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/oml.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/oms.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/omx.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/ot1.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/rsfs.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/t1.dvi
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/doc/ts1.dvi

Again texmf/doc/fontinst might enough, or else you could use
texmf/doc/fontinst/etx as a more meaningful name.

> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/examples

empty directory, not needed

> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/test
> ./texmf/doc/fontinst/test/testsc.tex

Not sure what to do about this one.  It's sort of a proof-of-concept
for those who want to do a little better than default \latinfamily.
I'm somewhat surprised that Thierry didn't comment on it yet, but
I suppose it's more or less what we really wanted all the time.

Cheers, Ulrik.