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Re: fontinst-1.8

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > run-time tree for what?  something like a tex-live setup?

 > > ./texmf/tex/fontinst
 > fontinst as a format?  possibly OK
well, its either that or generic. seems more accurate as a format

 > I'm not so happy about the tex/fontinst/tex part, I think that
 > tex/fontinst/base would make more sense, i.e. something like:
agreed. done

 > > ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont
 > > ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptm
 > > ./texmf/tex/fontinst/mathptmx
 > Not sure if the examples directories belong into a run-time tree.
 > They are just meant as a very specific application rather than
 > a general package, so I'd prefer to run fontinst directly from
 > these directories rather than keeping them in the installed tree,
 > where they might be picked up by other fontinst applications.

 > > ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont/eurofont.map
 > better put this elsewhere:
 >    texmf/dvips/*.map
 >    texmf/pdftex/config/*.map
whoops. sorry!

 > > ./texmf/tex/fontinst/eurofont/eurofont.tex
 > Hmm, a fontinst driver files in a run-time tree?  not sure?
will move

 > you wanted to take out the *.sty files, didn't you?
will do

 > You could take out the contrib/rowland path and put these file
 > directly into texmf/doc/fontinst.
on CTAN as well?

 > Again texmf/doc/fontinst might enough, or else you could use
 > texmf/doc/fontinst/etx as a more meaningful name.