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Re: Problem with \installfont in fontinst 1.8

Ulrik Vieth wrote:
> Does it contain cmr10.pl and cmmi10.pl?  Probably not, I guess.
> (Alan's fontinst-1.335 came with a directory full of .pl files for
> standard fonts, but I omitted that because they can be generated
> whenever you need them.)

It is however quite tedious to regenerate pl files from, say TFM. For
example the font parameters are not given the required names...

> load an .mtx file.  If you want to do something fancy using CM fonts,
> you have to make sure to generate the required .pl files with tftopl.

See above.
It would be more reliable to have the original PL at hand (also with
matching encoding strings) for all the standard fonts.

Hilmar Schlegel

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