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Re: Problem with \installfont in fontinst 1.8

Ulrik Vieth wrote:
> > Ulrik Vieth wrote:
> >> Does it contain cmr10.pl and cmmi10.pl?  Probably not, I guess.
> >>
> >> (Alan's fontinst-1.335 came with a directory full of .pl files for
> >> standard fonts, but I omitted that because they can be generated
> >> whenever you need them.)
> > It is however quite tedious to regenerate pl files from, say TFM. For
> > example the font parameters are not given the required names...
> What's the problem?
> $ tftopl cmr10
> (FACE O 352)

The TFM has "TeX text" as far as I remember...
What about EC fonts?

> As far as I can see, the codingscheme and the fontdimen parameters
> are given proper names (at least for cmr, cmmi, cmsy and cmex).

Fine then...

> > It would be more reliable to have the original PL at hand (also with
> > matching encoding strings) for all the standard fonts.
> Sure, it might be more convenient and/or more reliable, but it's
> not something essential that cannot be achieved by any other means.
> I still maintain the point that its the duty of indvidual fontinst
> applications to generate or provide all the required .pl files.

>From some location on CTAN I'd suggest.

Hilmar Schlegel

mailto:hshlgaii@mailszrz.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE?Subject=Mail response