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Re: Problem with \installfont in fontinst 1.8

>(Alan's fontinst-1.335 came with a directory full of .pl files for
>standard fonts, but I omitted that because they can be generated
>whenever you need them.)

Ah!  *That's* the problem: I've just (finally) uninstalled fontinst 1.335
when I installed 1.8.  I was wondering why this fontinst file suddenly
broke.  Obvious, now you mention it...

>Actually, fontinst does the following:
[snip dead useful description]

Thanks for this - I've added it to my file of `notes on how fontinst works'
which is my main source of info for the fontinst documentation I'm
hammering together (on hold at the moment but neither forgotten nor

>Conclusion: If you have neither a .pl file nor an .afm for the file
>you requested, fontinst will trigger a low-level error when trying to
>load an .mtx file.  If you want to do something fancy using CM fonts,
>you have to make sure to generate the required .pl files with tftopl.

Right - well, I've done this and it seems to work okay so far.  I'll find
out if it's *really* worked when the fontinst run's finished (and given
that OzTeX's using a small fraction of 25MHz 68040 CPU time right now, this
is probably going to take more than 5 minutes).

Thanks very much