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Re: Problem with \installfont in fontinst 1.8

>> See above.
>> It would be more reliable to have the original PL at hand (also with
>> matching encoding strings) for all the standard fonts.
>Sure, it might be more convenient and/or more reliable, but it's
>not something essential that cannot be achieved by any other means.

It depends on what you mean by `convenient'.  Some of us are still a little
concerned about disc space, and the smaller the fontinst distribution, the
better.  Once you engage your brain, it's not too difficult to throw a
bunch of files at tftopl.  On my computer, all I had to do was select the
tfm files I was concerned with (the hardest part of the operation that must
have taken me all of 2-5 minutes), copy them to a different folder, and
tell tftopl to `do all files'.  It's possible a touch less convenient if
you've got Unix, but the average Unix box seems to have disc space to burn,
so there's no reason to not convert all the `standard' cm tfms.

>I still maintain the point that its the duty of indvidual fontinst
>applications to generate or provide all the required .pl files.

Hmm...  Yes, but...  The individual using fontinst does need to know which
pl files are needed and how to create them.  A trivial point, perhaps, but
it shouldn't be neglected.