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Thanks for all the fontinst stuff

Thanks very much for the help so far.  It's been very useful (yes, really),
and I'm trying to make some sense out of it which does rather involve some
more questions which I hope you've got the patience to answer.

One problem I have is the use of terms like `install a font' which mean
nothing to me.  I'd be able to understand things a lot more easily if terms
like `creates a vpl file with the encoding given in the file xxx.etx from
the glyphs in yyy.mtx modified by the instructions in latin.mtx' or some
such were used.

Anyway, I've finished reading all the emails you've sent (and digging
through the fontinst source code and several huge piles of assorted other
documentation).  To give you an idea of how much brainache it's been, it's
taken me about 12 hours so far (I mention this simply to let you know that
it really has been useful - I wouldn't have spent that much time on
something useless).  I think I'll be in a position to ask some nice easy
sensible questions soon which might mean I'll be able to add something to
the prototype fontinst documentation that's fermenting slowly on my HDD.

Thanks again