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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

>Thierry wrote:
>> i never use \latinfamily ;-) (because i prefered to use my own shell
>> scripts to build driver files rather than rely on latinfamily, but i
>> think \latinfamily{pbv}{} is more or less equivalent to
>> \installfonts
>>    \installfamily{8r}{pbv}{}
>>    \installfamily{OT1}{pbv}{}
>>    \installfamily{T1}{pbv}{}
>Not quite.  It actually says:
>   \installfonts
>      \installfamily{T1}{#1}{#2}
>      \installfamily{OT1}{#1}{#2}
>      \if_file_exists{ \raw_encoding.mtx }\then
>         \installfamily{\raw_encoding}{#1}{#2}
>      \fi
>      \latin_weights
>   \endinstallfonts

This is beginning to make some sort of sense.

>Since there is no 8r.mtx, if only does OT1 and T1, but not 8r.
>Don't ask me why this is so.

I've got an 8r.mtx file with my fontinst installation.  There's one in
finst's CTAN directory too:

9707     37 fonts/psfonts/tools/finst/8r.mtx

One question: this command \raw_encoding.  It appears to be set to 8r, but
the raw encoding of the average `foreign' fount you install for use with
(La)TeX is 8a.  8r is called the TeXBase1 encoding.  Can anyone explain the