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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > FNNWc8a.afm in the first place.  AFM files in this form full of `normal'
> > glyph names, rather than stuff like `Asmall' etc., which is why a different
> > etx file is used for `real' and `faked' sc founts.  Is that right?
>unless i am going mad, XXXXc8a files with small caps wont be used by
>fontinst. its a sort of bug.

Hmm...  Thanks for this.  But... From a log file:

INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,sc,: seek pckrc8r
Metrics written on pckrc8a.mtx.
Raw font written on pckrc8a.pl.
(:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx) (pckrc8a.mtx)
Transformed metrics written on pckrc8r.mtx.
Raw font written on pckrc8r.pl.
(pckrc8r.mtx) (:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.mtx) (:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx)
(:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffi'.
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffl'.
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ff'.
) (:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx)
Font written on pckrc8r.pl.

In this case, fontinst 1.6 seems to have used pckrc8a.afm to build a vpl
file with real small caps.

The instruction to fontinst was:


Any thoughts?  Are you sure you're going mad?

Ta (yet again)