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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

At 10:36 am +0100 29/5/98, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > How do you do that with \latinfamily?  I've seen \latinfamily fake small
> > caps when a suitable afm file containing small caps was available.  Can you
> > say which fount(s) \latinfamily looks for when it's trying to find `real'
> > small caps?
> >
>if you add x to the family name, its stripped off and a note
>made. now, if an expert version of the font (encoding 8x) is
>available, its added to the list of available resources. if it
>contains eg Asmall, thats used for the small cap "a"

Ah!  I see.  So if you say (for example):


will fontinst build a set of vpls using oldstyle numerals?  And if so, what
will the name of the fount family be in this case and the previous one?  Is
the addition of `9' or `x' just used as a control flag without being
reflected in the final (fd file or vpl/pl file) fount names?

And does this work with the \installfonts command?