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Re: Fontinst modifications

>> If you're talking about the 1.335 docs, they certainly need revising,
>> but I don't think they are completely obsolete.  The examples using
>> "0" encoded fonts instead of "8a" are clearly misleading and should be
>> replaced, but the summary of docstrip commands presumably can be kept
>> with just minor touching up.

> do you have time even for this, though?

I doubt it.  I'd rather work on bringing the math font stuff up to
fontinst 1.8 and see what needs to be done about those hacks.  
OTOH, I might consider integrating parts of the old documentation 
into the new fontinst.dtx as the \OnlyDescription part.

>> Anyway, I thought that working on the docs was Rowland's job.
> I thought Rowland was working on a *new* doc, not a revision of the
> current guide....

Based on all his question about details, I'm really confused as to
what kind of doc he's going to write.  Let him answer this himself.

Cheers, Ulrik.