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Re: Fontinst modifications

Ulrik Vieth wrote:
> > Alan Jeffrey writes:
> >> Since then Sebastian has effectively taken over maintainance of
> >> fontinst.  I think I'd prefer to formalize this state of affairs,
> >> and hand it over to him.  We should certainly get rid of v1.335,
> >> which is very mouldy.
> >>
> > um, my time for this is almost 0 minutes a week.

Ooh, let's all play hot potato :-)

> OK, I'll try to finish what I have been working on, and make it v1.8.

This seems sensible.

> If you're talking about the 1.335 docs, they certainly need revising,
> but I don't think they are completely obsolete.  The examples using
> "0" encoded fonts instead of "8a" are clearly misleading and should be
> replaced, but the summary of docstrip commands presumably can be kept
> with just minor touching up.

Don't start from the v1.335 docs!  Start from the v1.5 docs in
ftp://ftp.cogs.susx.ac.uk/pub/tex/fontinst-beta.tgz which fix a lot of
the bugs you're talking about.