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Small caps problem

I'm trying to create a set of vfs based on cmr that use oldstyle numerals
by default.

I've managed to get a bunch of vpls that seem to work okay, aside from the
small caps versions.  I've tried fontinst on this:

\installfont {cmcscod10} {cmcsc10,  cmmi10,dostretch} {OT1c9}
             {OT1} {cmrod}{m}{sc} {<10><10.95><12><14.4><17.28>

And the result is a horrible mess; replacing OT1c9 with OT19 reduces the
mess, but it's still not right; I get things like `fl' replaced by unsexed
quote, `ff' replaced by uparrow, and so on.

Can anyone explain what the problem is, and perhaps suggest a solution?


dostretch.mtx looks like this: