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fontinst documentation

Hello Ulrik,

I've just cobbled together a horrible mess that's an approximation to some
newish documentation for fontinst.  It needs a *lot* more work before being
released, but I think I've more-or-less added all the bits I wanted to add.
I'm not happy with the current structure, but I need a few days off to
think about it a bit more.  The details of the document need dealing with
too - page layout and things like that.  That much doesn't really matter
for now: I reckon it's probably best to let you have a look at it and add
the bits you know about and email it back to me so I can fiddle about with
the appearance and some of the structure (the bits I've added don't fit in
as well as they should with the original stuff).

Anyway, let me know what you think (if it's not too rude ;-)

Hope you can make some sense of it,