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Re: Russian encodings and TeX fontname scheme

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> Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 09:25:52 +0800 (HKT)
> From: "Anatoliy A. Malyarenko" <cemal@ust.hk>
> Reply-To: CyrTeX-T2@vvv.vsu.ru
> To: Vladimir Volovich <vvv@vvv.vsu.ru>
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> Subject: Re: Russian hyphenation

> Dear friends!

> I have a plan to use fontinst package by Alan Jeffrey to install
> some cyrillic Postscript fonts. There exist two important questions.

Note that a new version of fontinst 1.8 is under preparation which
will be based on Sebastian Rathz's unofficial fontinst 1.6/1.7 
(in CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools/finst).  Alan Jeffrey's version 1.335
in CTAN:fonts/utilities/fontinst is considered obsolete and will be
replaced soon.

> 1. Existing TeX encodings have correspondence in fontname scheme by
> Karl Berry. For example, original TeX encoding is 7t, T1 encoding is
> 8t and so on. Did you discussed a question, what would be the names
> for T2A, T2B, T2C and X2 encodings?

I think the fontname scheme already defines several Cyrillic encodings
as 6<some letter>.  There should be enough room to define new variants
like 6t or 6x or whatever you need.  As long as you agree on what you
want to call your encodings there shouldn't be a problem, I suppose.

6b @r{Cyrillic part of ISO 8859-5, seven bits}
6d @r{Cyrillic CP866 encoding}
6i @r{ISO 8859-5}
6k @r{Cyrillic KOI-8 encoding}
6m @r{Cyrillic Macintosh encoding}
6w @r{Cyrillic CP1251 encoding}

Ulrik Vieth.