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Re: Russian encodings and TeX fontname scheme

"UV" == Ulrik Vieth writes:

 >> 1. Existing TeX encodings have correspondence in fontname scheme
 >> by Karl Berry. For example, original TeX encoding is 7t, T1
 >> encoding is 8t and so on. Did you discussed a question, what would
 >> be the names for T2A, T2B, T2C and X2 encodings?

 UV> I think the fontname scheme already defines several Cyrillic
 UV> encodings as 6<some letter>.  There should be enough room to
 UV> define new variants like 6t or 6x or whatever you need.  As long
 UV> as you agree on what you want to call your encodings there
 UV> shouldn't be a problem, I suppose.

 UV> [variant.map]
 UV> 6b @r{Cyrillic part of ISO 8859-5, seven bits}
 UV> 6d @r{Cyrillic CP866 encoding}
 UV> 6i @r{ISO 8859-5}
 UV> 6k @r{Cyrillic KOI-8 encoding}
 UV> 6m @r{Cyrillic Macintosh encoding}
 UV> 6w @r{Cyrillic CP1251 encoding}

Note that not all these encodings are good to be used as TeX internal
encodings. The T2* and X2 TeX cyrillic encodings were created because
of this. In particular, any TeX text internal encoding (including
cyrillic) must follow some restrictions for T* encodings to be
"multilingually safe". So, is there really a need to register a lot of
TeX cyrillic encodings? [note that _input_ encodings such as
iso-8859-5, koi8-r, cp866, cp1251 and others are all supported via the
inputen mechanism]

Next, we should register all four encodings: T2A, T2B, T2C and
X2. What do you think are the best names for them in the fontname
scheme? Maybe 6t, 6u, 6v, 6x respectively?

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.