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fontinst maintenance [was: Re: Real numbers in AFM kerning information?]

Lars Hellström:

> To Ulrik Vieth:

> Here I go again, rewriting a part of fontinst. The main new feature
> is of course that it can now handle reals in AFMs. To be on the safe
> side, all numbers except character codes are read as reals (and all
> reals except the italic angle, which is handled as before, are
> rounded to integers by a new macro \afm_length). Perhaps this is
> overkill but AFM to MTX conversion hardly takes any time anyway.

> Apart from that, I corrected a typo in the definition of CharWidth
> (it said \charxwidth, but should be \char_x_width) and made the
> computation of italic correction customizable (new feature, see the
> description of \italcorr_expression below).

Hi Lars,
although I originally planned to look into fontinst over Christmas, I
somehow ended spending lots of time tinkering with my computer (such
as installing a new hard drive, installing a new Linux distribution,
installing Win95, etc.) and getting very little else done.

So, given that I still haven't found the time to have a look at your
bug fixes and changes to fontinst, I'm beginning to wonder if you
might prefer to take over the maintenance of fontinst yourself and 
put out a new distribution?

What do you think of it, Lars?

Cheers, Ulrik.