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Re: fontinst maintenance

Ulrik Vieth:
>Hi Lars,
>although I originally planned to look into fontinst over Christmas, I
>somehow ended spending lots of time tinkering with my computer (such
>as installing a new hard drive, installing a new Linux distribution,
>installing Win95, etc.) and getting very little else done.
Oooh! Installing Windoze95. :-(  Glad I am spared of that problem! :-)

>So, given that I still haven't found the time to have a look at your
>bug fixes and changes to fontinst, I'm beginning to wonder if you
>might prefer to take over the maintenance of fontinst yourself and
>put out a new distribution?
>What do you think of it, Lars?
>Cheers, Ulrik.

I have given the matter some thought, actually, and I would be positive to
accepting at least a partial maintenance responsibility. There are certain
parts of fontinst that I know I am not particularily well oriented about
(now I am thinking mainly on all the files which are not generated from
fontinst.dtx) and there are certain parts which I do certainly not want to
assume responsibility for (now I am thinking about \latinfamily). Taking
care of fontinst.sty itself from, say, the \installfonts ...
\endinstallfonts level and down is however something I would feel
positively inclined to.

Thus, as I suppose most of the changes in fontinst from the current to the
next version will affect precisely this part, I suppose I could make the
next version. As for versions following that however, I would rather prefer
some kind of shared maintenance (I believe such a sharing already exists,
as it is Rowland who is maintaining the manual).

Lars Hellström