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(dvi)PS encoding

having finally come to grips with how fontinst does its stuff, I'm
planning to set up a batch job to set up an obscene amount of PS fonts
to the new encoding scheme.

the remaining problem is to create the new psfonts.map file.  once a
long time ago I asked if fontinst could be made to write out a suitable
psfonts.map entry as it went along, but that would tie it too closely to
dvips, I was informed.  and I'm sure there still are people around who
use dvitps, dvi2ps, or even dvihplj (actually, that's what most people
including the Germans do, they say).  

anyway, so I thought I'd write a program to do it.  but has anybody
already done this?  written _something_ to automate the generation of
psfonts.map entries?  

Rolf Lindgren