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Re: (dvi)PS encoding

Rolf Marvin B|e Lindgren writes:
 > planning to set up a batch job to set up an obscene amount of PS fonts
 > to the new encoding scheme.
not sure why you call it "new" :-} its been around for years.

 > anyway, so I thought I'd write a program to do it.  but has anybody
 > already done this?  written _something_ to automate the generation of
 > psfonts.map entries?  

my tools (CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools) do all this sort of thing,
 - writing map file entries
 - running vpl to vf, and pl to tfm
 - making .sty files
 - adding checksums

the only flaw is that you have to follow my contorted software over
its years of changes. still, the Makefile ought to show how its
used. its largely Perl.