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Re: Copyright zzzz

Lars =?iso-8859-1?Q?Hellstr=F6m?= writes:
 > What would, to me, seem like a reasonable idea is to do the following:
 > Create a new directory in the CTAN/.../fontinst; call it "new", "beta",
 > "prerelease", or something like that. In this directory we (the fontinst
 > manitainers community) construct the new hierarchy of files that will

speaking for CTAN, I/we would be happy to work like this.

What I propose is for me (myself) to take the current fontinst, 
add  new copyright information, and make a new release on CTAN. At the
same time I will make a `beta' subdirectory with a README, and we
(CTAN) will put in there whatever Lars et al contribute. This list can
decide when to move that material back to the main release.

I dont mind being `editor' on this, if Lars drives the details of the
1.9 prerelease.