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Re: Copyright zzzz

At 4:30 pm +0000 2/2/99, Lars Hellström wrote:
>Alan wrote:
>To clarify things: My reluctance is towards a complete maintenance
>responsibility (since that would mean I have to figure out what the
>!@%&#!@# the !@%*&#!@# \latinfamily !@%&#!@# command #!@#!@%& does

Hang on a bit - isn't that documented well enough by now?  Oh, you mean you
need to know how it works?  Ah...

>What would, to me, seem like a reasonable idea is to do the following:
>Create a new directory in the CTAN/.../fontinst; call it "new", "beta",
>"prerelease", or something like that.


>Any opinions on that?

Sounds good to me.

>There is, by the way, another thing I've meant to write and ask about. Is
>there any convention regarding the exact meanings of the words "version"
>and "release"? What made me worder is that the v1.8 fontinst.dtx contains
>the two sections
>       About this version of \texttt{fontinst}
>       About this \texttt{fontinst} release
>which to me seem to have exactly the same meaning!


Me too - bloody stupid distinction to try and make IMNSHO.  I think the
thing to do is roll the two sections into one.

(I'm not volunteering - I've started on the drugs recorded in `Cockpit
check' (R. Calvert, Capt. Lockheed & the Starfighters.  Oh, alright:
Haloperidol, but not the horse pills fed to dangerous psychos) and I
suspect I might be even less reliable than usual for a bit).