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Re: Standardization of TeX names for Adobe PostScript fonts.

Reading Jan's mail I realize that I should be more careful what I write:
> Joachim Schrod writes:
> > BTW, what operating systems besides TOPS-20 have file name
> > restrictions of 6 characters?
> > Most others I know of may have names with 8 characters.
> TOPS-20 file names are 39+39 characters.  TOPS-10 and WAITS file
> names are 6+3 characters.  TeX was developed on a WAITS machine.
> BSD UNIX, VMS, and Macintosh have file names which can be a lot
> longer than 8 characters.
Thanks for the hint to the typo, I meant TOPS-10. With my last
sentence I wanted to point out that we must regard this limit (names
8+3 chars long) anyhow, the bulk of DOS users force us to do this.
    I just wanted to ask if we are able to cut ourselves to 8 chars or if
    we even must consider the 6 chars limit.
That there are a lot of other systems which may have longer names (or
links, or symbolic links, or additional file entries, ...) is well
known to all of us, I think. (I have to manage TeX systems on seven
really different operating systems at our campus :-)