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font meeting at cuny

this announcement was just brought to my attention by a correspondent
at cuny, and i thought you might be interested in the topic, even if
it's not possible for any of you to attend.
						-- bb

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 1991 11:18:23 EST
From: Dimitri Vulis <dlv@CUNYVMS1.GC.CUNY.EDU>
To: bnb@math.ams.com
Subject: FYI

Date: Mon, 04 Mar 91 12:44:22 PST
From: "Bur Davis" <bdavis@adobe.com>
Subject: Font Meeting at CUNY

On 25 March 1991, at CUNY Graduate Center (33 West 42d Street, Room
1700), representatives from Adobe, Microsoft, Linotype, Afga-
Compugraphic, Monotype and Bitstream will sit on a panel and discuss
the Type1 and TrueType font technologies. A fellow named Doug Evans
(212-481-9363) is coordinating the meeting. The representatives will
(tentatively) be: Dr. Eliyezer Kohen, Microsoft; Dan Mills, Adobe;
Bruce Brenner, Linotype; Cynthia Hollandsworth, Agfa-Compugraphic;
Jeff Level, Monotype, Louise Domenitz, Bitstream.

Thought I'd let you know since you live (or at least study) in the

				.......   Bur