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MF for old English available from ymir.claremont.edu

Julian Bradfield's old English files are now available from
ymir.claremont.edu in [anonymous.tex.mf.cm.oe]. The readme file

This directory contains programs for Old English letters.

The fonts created have:
D  capital eth
d  eth
T  capital thorn
t  thorn
G  capital yogh
g  yogh
n  Polish ogonek accent

The thorn is the style that looks like p and b combined. The roman derived 
fonts (i.e. not cmoeti10) also have
u  lower-case thorn with side bowl pointing top right (the traditional shape;
   I happen to think that the other shape blends better with CM); this code
   is Knuth's, from the cmman font.

To make the fonts, just run Metafont on cmoer10 etc; other sizes and styles 
can be make by adapting the CM parameter and driver files in the obvious way.

Julian Bradfield


Don Hosek   To retrieve files from ymir via the    | dhosek@ymir.claremont.edu
            mailserver, send a message to          | Quixote TeX Consulting
            mailserv@ymir.claremont.edu with a     | 714-625-0147
            line saying send [DIRECTORY]FILENAME 
            where DIRECTORY is the FTP directory (sans "anonymous") and 
            FILENAME is the filename, e.g. "send [tex]00readme.txt". There is
            a list of files in each directory under the name 00files.txt
            Binary files are not available by this technique.