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Re: Another thought against the font substitution file as an immediate answer to the font naming problem

Don is right, of course -- DVI drivers would also have to implement
the substitutions, and current DVI drivers use conflicting formats.
But I see this as an argument for TeX doing the substitutions, not
against -- if TeX uses some file, then the DVI driver people
(at least the noncommercial ones) will probably be willing to follow
suit.  At least some of the DVI driver authors.  100% agreement
is impossible in this (and everything else in life).

As for a format, I was thinking of something simple, like
adobe-times-roman	 ...spaces or tabs...   ptmr

and with comments starting with something (%, I guess) and
continuing to the end of the line.
I can't think of what else might be needed.
I think both Beebe's drivers and dvips already read files like