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PK files for PostScript fonts

I've put a bunch of PK files for the standard 35 PostScript fonts on 
  ftp.cs.umb.edu []:pub/tex/psfonts.tar

It's about 4MB.

I made the PK files from the fonts distributed with Ghostscript.  Since
those fonts are, for the most part, constructed simply of line segments,
these PK files are not perhaps the most typographically wonderful things
in the world.  But they are good enough to see what characters are
where, which is all I cared about.

I used the `gsrenderfont' and related programs in the GNU font utilities
(on prep.ai.mit.edu, among many other places) to make the PK files.
(Except that some bugs were found making them, so the version on prep
doesn't work on a few of the fonts.  I can send diffs if anyone wants them.)

They are in the ``dvips'' encoding.  You can get dvips from
labrea.stanford.edu:pub/dvips*.tar.Z.  (gsrenderfont can generate them
in any encoding.)

I and others are working on making good free fonts for GNU, by running
scanned images of old type speciments (of public domain designs) through
the font utilities.  If you would like to help, send me mail.  (The
first step is getting the font utilities and compiling them.)

Member of the League for Programming Freedom---write to league@prep.ai.mit.edu.