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Lucida TFM/VF's for TeX

I've put metric files for using the PostScript Lucida fonts with TeX on

	ftp.cs.umb.edu []:pub/tex/lucida/lucida.tar.Z

These files will be of no use to you unless you also have the Type 1
PFA/PFB/etc. files with the outlines.

This includes the math fonts as a (more or less) drop-in replacement for
Computer Modern.  I've worked some on the magic math font parameters,
but no doubt improvements are possible.

I used virtual fonts to do this.  I suggest using Tom Rokicki's dvips as
your DVI-to-PostScript program.  dvips is on

Thanks to Sebastian Rahtz, who did much of the initial work, and Chuck
Bigelow and Kris Holmes, who designed the typefaces.

Member of the League for Programming Freedom---write to league@prep.ai.mit.edu.