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fontname 1.5/utopia 1.0/modes 0.13/urwfonts 1.0

I've updated some of font-related TeX distributions.

The font naming scheme (to version 1.5),
the Adobe Utopia and Bitstream Charter fonts (version 1.0),
modes.mf (version 0.13),
and a new distribution, the fonts URW donated to Ghostscript.


Please notice the `.z' instead `.Z' -- I am now using gzip instead of

Adobe/Charter changes: match the latest dvips[k].

Fontname changes:

The changes since version 1.4 are minimal: a couple of additional
typefaces, variants, and sources.

I also made two incompatible changes: 1) source `u' is now for URW instead
of `user'.  The latter seemed of dubious utility, and URW has
contributed four fonts to the world (ftp.cs.umb.edu:pub/tex/urwfonts.tar.z).

2) Plantin is now pn instead of pi.  Apparently most people were using
pn anyway, and since it was free ...

modes.mf changes:

New modes for the Canon EX, QMS 1700, LPS 20, and Xerox Docutech
devices, and a `null' mode to make only a TFM file.

As always, thanks to the contributors.

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

Member of the League for Programming Freedom---write to lpf@uunet.uu.net.