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Problems with Longrightarrow and friends

I have done some more experimentation with the \Longrightarrow problem.
\Longrightarrow is constructed from a normal = (which I believe comes from
the text fonts) and a \Rightarrow (from the cmsy font). These are placed
side-to-side without overlapping.

This leads to three potential problems:

(1) With the dc fonts, digitised at 300dpi, the = comes out much
thinner than the cm fonts. This means that it doesn't line up with the
Rightarrow in cmsy.

(2) There is a cmr17 but no cmsy17. At \huge or \Huge sizes, the = comes
>From cmr17 but the Rightarrow comes from a scaled cmsy10. At these sizes,
the symbols no longer match.

(3) The Rightarrow and the = have slightly rounded ends to their horizontal
bars. If these are abutted without overlapping, the result has one or more
missing pixels in the horizontal bars.

A quick fix for (3) is to replace \joinrel in the definition of
\Longrightarrow, \Longleftarrow, Longleftrightarrow, etc. by \overlaprel
which is defined:
\joinrel is defined:

I don't have fixes for (1) and (2), can anyone help?

Enclosed is a file which illustrates the problem.


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% Also try with [11pt] and [12pt].


\scriptsize scriptsize:
\small small:
\normalsize normalsize:        
\large large: 
\Large Large:
\huge huge:
\Huge Huge: