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Re: Font naming rears its ugly head again

>Can I interest you in a toolkit that uses awk to create
>both C -1 lines for new composites and also CC
>lines for the actual recipe?  It even creates
>a pseudo-afm file for METAFONT fonts.  

This sounds very useful for use with afm2tfm!  It's not quite so
useful for fontinst, since it's doing much of the same work
(automatically generating composite characters from AFM files).
What's really needed is for font producers to provide CC instructions
for more glyphs in their AFM files!  But that's not very likely

Perhaps I should have a look at the SuperFont AFMs, and see if I can
steal the CC instructions out of those.  Is there an ftp site I can
have a look at the SuperFonts for the standard Adobe fonts?

This would (I think) solve the problem for fonts with SuperFont AFMs,
but the rest of the world is still rather stuck!