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Re: Font naming rears its ugly head again

I doubt there is a public-domain superfont available.  
It looks as if what we are doing constitutes fair use
according to the article in the latest ACM journal
so I will send you separately a copy of the 
TimesNewRomanSF.afm.  If you can explain to me
why there are five copies if the kerning data
I will be interested in the answer.  On second thought,
however, I will remove the redundancy to ease the load
on the mailing service.  (Can the repetition have something
to do with the awful habit if tracking?)

Apologies to Kernighan et al.  The only documentation I
have had available, which isn't bad as far as it goes,
gives what you would expect to be a comprehensive
list of built-in functions for awk, and it doesn't
include trig.  Is it possible that trig is a more
recent addition?  Oh well, one more title to be added
to the bookshelf.

I wonder whether a peek at the coding of the eexec
part of pfa files using eexec.en.de.code would
give a clue to which characters are composites and
which simple?  Some afm's are pretty close-mouthed
about it.  I don't think the CharterBT.afm offers
any information at all.  We mustn't be ungrateful,
but I think I may look into the mouth of that gift horse.

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