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Font naming rears its ugly head again

    Just by giving each of these parameters a letter, plus three letters for 
    the font family, I'd already have used ten letters!
 Have to combine.

    This is a real pain :-( 
Tell me about it :-( :-(

   I think your naming scheme is pretty impressive
I don't; I think it stinks!  I just don't see any way to do better.

    hitting the 8+3 MessyDOS wall pretty soon.
Oh, we were splatted against this wall long long ago ...

     * the encoding (Cork, text symbol, math symbol, etc.)
     * the digit styles (lining/oldstyle and fixed-width/variable-width)
     * the letter styles (u&lc, c&sc, all-caps)
     * whether the font was generated using the expert font or not
     * the shape (roman, italic, oblique, etc.)

These are all combined in to the variant.  I think the only thing in the
above that's not covered now is all-caps.  Oh, and ``text symbol'',
since there is no such thing in existing fonts (is there?).

     * the weight (light, medium, demi-bold, bold, ultra-bold, etc.)
     * the width (condensed, semi-condensed, medium, semi-expanded, etc.)

These got their own letters, so they should be fine.