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Re: Font naming rears its ugly head again

> Have to combine.

Yes, this is why I was proposing to use a base-32 number as the last 3
letters of the filename, to make it easier to combine parameters
together into one letter.  Yuk yuk yuk...

>These are all combined in to the variant.  I think the only thing in the
>above that's not covered now is all-caps.  Oh, and ``text symbol'',
>since there is no such thing in existing fonts (is there?).

The Cork encoding really needs a text symbol companion font, to hold
things like currency symbols, oblique fractions, and all the other
bits and pieces missing from the Cork encoding.  I'll repost a message
I sent to the math-font-discuss group about this a while ago.  My
apologies to those of you who'll be getting this twice!