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fontname document 1.6 available

I have released version 1.6 of ``my'' font naming scheme for TeX fonts.
You can get it by anonymous ftp from


The fontname document is in Texinfo format, so you will need the TeX
macros in the file texinfo.tex to print it; texinfo.tex is included in
the distribution, and is also available in most GNU distributions.

The rest of that directory contains files showing the naming scheme
applied to Adobe, Monotype, Computer Modern, and other sources' fonts.

Changes since 1.5:
* New variant `8' meaning next-character-is-also-a-variant, giving us
  another [a-z0-9] to play with. ISO Latin 1, 2, and 5, Windows ANSI,
  and the Mac standard layouts all assigned.
* New typefaces: wi=Wingdings, mg=Marigold, m0=Monospace.
* One new alias (Omega=Optima).

I am happy to receive additions, criticisms, or other comments.

Member of the League for Programming Freedom -- write lpf@uunet.uu.net.