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Raw font encodings

Sigh... it's that time of year again...

Sebastian Rahtz and myself are taking another look at the PostScript
font support in LaTeX2e, in preparation for the full release of 2e.

One outstanding problem is that the Virtual Fonts which are shipped as
part of the package don't support glyphs like <eth> and <aacute> very
well, because they assume that the raw fonts are in Adobe Standard

We'd like to change this, which means that the raw fonts have to be
re-encoded with a new PostScript encoding vector.  The question is,
what vector to use.

To our knowledge, none of the standard encoding vectors contain all of
the ISO Latin-1 and Adobe Standard glyphs, so this means using a
non-standard encoding.  One possibility is to take ISO Latin-1 and add
the missing glyphs from Adobe Standard (oh yes, and <dotlessj> for
Lucida Bright :-) into random slots.


Is there an existing encoding which we could use for such a task?

Any encoding which includes ISO Latin-1 and Adobe Standard is going to
need to use some of slots 0--31.  Are there still any printer drivers
which refuse to use Type 1 fonts which use slots 0--31?

Are there any device drivers which can't perform raw font re-encoding
by some means or other?



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