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Re: raw font encodings

> There is a third (which appeals quite strongly to me):
> 3.  Use Windows ANSI for slots 32--255, and put the missing glyphs
>     (<fi>, <fl>, <dotlessi>, <dotlessj>, <ring>, <caron>, <dotaccent>,
>     <breve>, <hungarumlaut> and <ogonek>) somewhere in slots 1--31.
>     These slots can't be used by some Windows applications, but since
>     the glyphs don't exist in Windows ANSI encoding anyway, this may not
>     be a problem.
> The problem with this approach is that it means that documents
> containing `fi' or `fl' which are printed with TrueType fonts will end
> up with missing glyphs.  But the only way round this is to have
> separate metrics and VFs for the TrueType fonts, without the `fi' and
> `fl' ligatures (any better suggestions anyone)?
> Oh, another problem may be with Macs, which do have <fi> and <fl>, and
> some applications may not like having them mapped to slots in the
> range 0--31.
> Alan.

This one gets a pretty sharp response from here; any "solution" that
omits fi and fl ligatures is a non-starter!  I understand (vaguely) that
TrueType has weird/none abilities for ligatures, but of course the
glyphs can be in a TrueType font.

Perhaps I've misunderstood the implications; hope so!

Barry Smith, Blue Sky Research