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Re: raw font encodings

>This one gets a pretty sharp response from here; any "solution" that
>omits fi and fl ligatures is a non-starter!

The <fi> and <fl> ligatures would be there, but they'd be mapped to
slots somewhere in the range 0--31.  Sorry if I sounded like I was
kicking <fi> and <fl> out---that certainly wasn't the intension!

How does a Textures preview window with a permuted font look to the
rest of the Mac world?  If I were to cut-and-paste from the Textures
preview into another application, and one of the fonts used was a
permuted Times Roman, does the other application see the permutation,
or does it just see plain old Times Roman?

If it's the latter, then this seems to imply Textures can hide the use
of glyphs in the range 0--31 from the rest of the Mac environment, so
we're just left with PCs as the problem case.

Or am I fooling myself :-)