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Re: 8r encoding + xdvi :-(

> On Mon, 29 May 1995 Thomas Esser <te@informatik.uni-hannover.de> wrote:
> > Yes. The fix from Paul Vojta (TargetFont exch instead of TargetFont in file
> > render.ps line 193, version 1.9 of gsftopk) did not work for me, although
> > I thought it did for some time ...
> You have described my fix incorrectly.  It would be correctly described
> as delete the line 193:
> 	TargetFont
> and add a line 194:
> 	TargetFont exch

Yes. Doing the patch with the patch utility, I got it right and all
worked well. But I did not save your mail and somehow have overwritten
the render.ps with an older version.

And I did not remember the patch properly enough. I am sorry to have told
wrong things about your patch. I am very sorry about that.

Now the true story: the reencoding *does* work and it does work with the
commercial type1 fonts from adobe as well as with the .gsf fonts.

I have checked gs3.33 and gs2.6.1.